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Employment Law

Can a non-profit organisation recover damages for lost profits?

When an innocent party is faced with an apparent breach of contract, there are always two questions to ask.  The first question is, “how strong is my argument that what has happened is, in, fact, a breach of contract?”  The second question, which is often more important, is “can I obtain a remedy which will

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January 31
Employment Law Litigation and dispute resolution

Uber driver’s unfair dismissal claim deactivated by Fair Work Commission

The very beginning, the song tells us, is a very good place to start – but not all beginnings are created (or described) equally.  If you were beginning a job, you might begin by being “recruited” or “inducted” (unless the job was driving for Uber, in which case you would be “onboarded”).  And if Uber

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January 9
Employment Law