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Worth Knowing

If it’s not original, it will be dismissed Swiftly – the lessons from the “Shake it off” copyright case

When reading legal cases, it is common to see references to the work of learned legal authorities.  It is less common to see references to the work of Fleetwood Mac, Cypress Hill, Outkast and Sir Mix-A-Lot.  However, in a recent US case alleging copyright infringement by singer Taylor Swift and her songwriting team, it was the judge’s

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February 23
Intellectual property law

The complete guide to “what not to text your boss”

Most of us have days when the boss gets on our nerves (not me, of course; my employers are (a) wonderful people and (b) very likely to be reading this). But if the boss gets on your wick and is hopelessly thick so you can’t take a trick, should you call them a dick? The

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February 21
Employment Law