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Employment Law

Modern slavery in 2020 – the year of living slaver-less-ly

On 1 January 2019, the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (the Act) commenced, which means that this year is the first year that reporting requirements apply.  The Act is one of the first attempts in the world to create national legislation that defines “modern slavery” and, unlike similar legislation from other countries, the reporting criteria under

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February 24
Employment Law

Can a contract prevent your customers from poaching your employees?

It is common for employment contracts to contain post-employment restraints, but it is less common to see clauses in agreements with customers (for example, in services agreements) which prevent the customers of a business from “poaching” the employees of the business. There are good reasons for this – when post-employment restraints are dealt with in

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February 5
Employment Law Litigation and dispute resolution

The complete guide to “what not to text your boss”

Most of us have days when the boss gets on our nerves (not me, of course; my employers are (a) wonderful people and (b) very likely to be reading this). But if the boss gets on your wick and is hopelessly thick so you can’t take a trick, should you call them a dick? The

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February 21
Employment Law