Worth knowing – 2019 CLE tour dates

Is it too early be thinking about the February/March CLE season?  No, of course it isn’t – how is that even a question?  Angus Macinnis has been hard at work over summer working on papers for some upcoming CLE seminars, so we thought you might like to know what he has planned.

On 20 February 2019, and again on 7 March 2019, Angus is presenting live webinars (so you can watch from the comfort of your own desk/break room/Jacuzzi, or buy the recording to view later) on the topic of “Managing the Risks of Misrepresentations in the Recruitment Process”, which will cover misrepresentations both to, and by, employees.  The 20 February 2019 presentation is in Melbourne as part of a conference on Tackling the Legal Challenges When Recruiting Employees and the 7 March 2019 presentation is in Sydney as a stand-alone session offering a slightly deeper dive into the risks of misrepresentation.

On 15 March 2018, Angus is speaking at UNSW’s Civil Litigation Masterclass seminar.  The topic is “Drafting and Enforcing ”Midnight” Clauses – Choice of law, choice of forum & ADR clauses”.  This seminar will provide some cautionary tales of what can go wrong when these clauses are considered for the first time just before midnight (either figuratively in the timeline of the transaction, or literally at, y’know, midnight).

On 29 March 2018, Angus is speaking at UNSW’s Mandatory Rule 6.1 for all lawyers seminar.  The topic is “Work to Rule (42) – the practice management implications of lawyers’ workplace misconduct” which will look at the professional conduct implications of discrimination and harassment by lawyers, and consider what steps lawyers, and law firms, should be taking to prevent workplace misconduct.

To find out more about the seminars, click the links above or contact Angus Macinnis directly.  Angus also provides training on employment law, anti-discrimination law, and work health and safety law issues to boards, line managers, and “shop floor” employees, for clients across a range of industries.   If your organisation would like Angus to come and flap his mouth at you, he would be (unsurprisingly) delighted to help.

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