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Employment Law

Trade mark claims in industrial disputes? Not Really Maintainable, Actually

You might be surprised to learn that an organisation with the word “Roads” in its name would find itself in dispute with the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) (which is now a branch of the CFMMEU).  However, it’s a long road which has no turning, and as the National Roads and Motorists Association Ltd (NRMA)

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October 7
Employment Law Intellectual property law

The very surprising winner in Australia’s first $1m+ sexual harassment verdict

This story is about a dentist (so we can’t show you his face on television, if anyone is thinking of buying the television rights to this article).  The dentist was alleged to have engaged in sexual harassment, and dismissed from the practice in which he was working. Subsequently, he he was sued, and ordered by the

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October 13
Commercial Law Employment Law

Vicarious liability in Australia – fit for purpose, or fit for “akin”?

When legal liability is imposed upon one person for the misdeeds of another, even though the first person is themselves blameless, this liability is described as “vicarious liability”.  In Australia, vicarious liability arises most often when an employer is held to be liable for the torts of an employee.  Australian law has developed two “central conceptions” in relation to such

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October 1
Employment Law Litigation and dispute resolution

Secret recording contract

The secret recording has long been the staple of cop shows and gangster movies. The tension builds as the informant is “wired up” – will the wire be discovered? Will the criminals spill the beans about their dastardly plans? And most importantly, will it all happen before I’ve finished this popcorn? Secret recordings raise different

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October 12
Employment Law