who we are

StevensVuaran Lawyers is a commercial commercial law firm.  Did we just type “commercial” twice?  Yes, we did.  Was that a typo?  No, it wasn’t.  What’s with all the questions? Well, let us explain.

We are a commercial law firm. We can advise you on all aspects of the business you are in (or want to do). We can give you advice on establishing a new business or selling a business. We can assist you in buying a business.  We especially like to work with your accountant or business adviser.

We can advise you about, and document, all manner of business transactions, such as shareholder, joint venture and partnership agreements. We are very good at helping you protect your intellectual property and dealing with all manner of employer/employee issues.

We can help you understand the regulatory environment in which your business operates (including dealing with regulators when they come knocking at your door).  And we can help you identify, and resolve, the different types of internal and external disputes which can arise in business.

What makes us a commercial commercial law firm? We are committed to working with you to find and deliver good commercial solutions and helping you get on with business.

When it comes to disputes, we never lose sight of the importance of looking for a commercial resolution.

Independently affiliated with Devonport Law in Auckland, New Zealand.

our logo

Our logo is a fractal; on first impression, it appears simple, but its contour is infinitely complicated as is the business world. The closer you approach a fractal, the more detail is revealed.

Taking the very complicated, and making it appear simple, is how we like to work. You know just how complicated your business is, and you don’t bring a problem to us so that you can hear us say, “Your problem is really complicated”.  You bring problems to us so we can work together to solve them.

We have the technical skills and experience to identify and solve the most difficult problems you are likely to encounter, but more importantly, we are driven to find the simplest and most sensible business solutions (or at least the simplest and most elegant explanations of the best solutions available). Our logo may not tell you what we do, but its fractal shape tells you how we do it.

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