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Employment Law

If you get a job with a fake CV, do you have to pay the wages back when you get caught?

The Latin phrase “curriculum vitae” translates as “course of life”, but with the apparently increasing prevalence of CV fraud, there are some cases where a better translation would be “course of lies”.  News websites are awash with surveys about the number of people who have apparently engaged in CV fraud, although given that many of

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August 24
Employment Law

August publications in august publications

From time to time, the scribbles we provide for you here find homes in publications even more august than this humble website (it may be hard to believe that you can get more august than this humble website, but true it is).  This month, Angus has articles in the August editions of both the Law

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August 1
Defamation Employment Law SVL in the community

Employees or contractors? Make sure all your (radio) bases are covered

Between 2012 and 2015, a husband and wife operated a radio base for a truck repair company in Wagga  Wagga.  The question of whether they did so as employees or contractors, however, was anything but basic. After 7 days of hearing in the Federal Court, a judgment of 343 paragraphs was delivered.  The judgment identified

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August 22
Employment Law